Saturday, 14 November 2015

Making a Maternity Bridesmaid Dress - Part 3

The final stages of making my maternity bridesmaid dress went like this...

Phase four - making up
After being supremely happy with my toiles, and getting the fabric pre-shrunk, it was nice to get to the stage of making up the dress. 

Phase five - finishing touches
How lovely to be able to hand stitch the applique motifs, and as a final stage I always love the part where I get to attach the lace border to any raw edges - its so satisfying to do, and transforms the piece before your very eyes!


And voila, my finished dress!  I have to say, I felt pretty happy with the result, it fitted really well with the other bridesmaids dresses in the end, and was comfortable and flattering to wear, so I'm glad I took the time to make it:

If you're a keen dress-maker and interested in developing your skills I highly recommend courses by the fabulous Michelle Pye from the English Couture Company.  She attracts students from throughout the UK and beyond as she is one of the few people running courses around advanced sewing and couture techniques (as opposed to the usual beginners stuff that is more readily available).  Plus her courses are really fun and enjoyable.  You can find out more about The English Couture Company here

And I'd love to hear about your experience of sourcing suitable maternity wear, particularly if you had any special occasions whilst pregnant.

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