Monday, 16 November 2015

Five signs that your due date has been and gone...

At the early stages of my pregnancy, I had NO IDEA how seriously everyone would take the 'due date'.  Honestly, this is a number that is drawn from a single calculation used for the entire female population...its really not that accurate!

And yet, as it came and went, within days the talk turned to baby 'being late' (no, she'll come when the time is just right for her), and baby needing to 'hurry up' (again, no, she'll come when she's ready).  And not to mention the sweep and the induction suddenly being plugged into the calendar, as if to say baby has had her chance, the NHS now needs to step in and take over.

So, as I struggled to get my head around this overwhelming lack of faith in mother nature (after all, women have been doing this since the dawn of the human race, why on earth was I suddenly feeling like something was amiss?) I got to thinking about all the other things that were an indication that this ridiculous magic number had been and gone....

1. There was no room anywhere for the food shopping
I'd been so organised about preparing meals in advance for when baby was born (and for which I'd imposed a zero-tolerance policy on going near before that time) that there was no room in the fridge, freezer or cupboards for the food we actually needed to eat in the here and now.

2. We were on first name terms with the delivery man from Mothercare
We kept remembering stuff we needed so at one point were putting in orders on a regular basis, which unfortunately meant the lovely delivery man was having to trek over our way every few days (from the depths of Derbyshire I believe - sorry!)  Got to know him quite well in the end.

3. I hesitated before phoning anyone
As I knew they'd be SO disappointed that I wasn't phoning with THE news.

4. Going upstairs to get something required planning of military precision
Because getting back downstairs and realising I had forgotten something (which I often do) meant having to go back up again...and two trips in a short space of time was proving VERY hard work, usually requiring a short sit down in between (feel the burn!)

5. Feeding the cats became an ordeal
Those lovely big eyes looking at me waiting for some more food to be put in their bowls was accompanied regularly by a sinking feeling of 'I really can't face bending down to do this!', especially by the end of the day.  Thankfully my husband was usually on hand to step in, so those lovely little guys didn't go without.

Plus...every tiny twinge and pang triggered the same thought...
Is this What was your experience of living up to the pressure of your due date?  Would love to hear from 

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